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Individual community living support

Assisting and supporting home-bound seniors.

Our team at American Home Health Care provides Individual Community Living Support (ICLS) for those aged 65 and above who hold the Elderly Waiver or under the Alternative Care program. ICLS program is for individuals who require reminders, cues, intermittent or moderate supervision, or physical assistance in their homes.

Under this service, our team can provide you with the following:

  • Providing solutions to concerns related to daily living
  • Offering you assurance
  • Observing and redirecting to address cognitive, orientation, or other behavioral concerns
  • Offering in-person and remote check-ins to identify problems and resolve concerns
  • Offering verbal, visual, and/or touch assistance to help you finish the task
  • Developing and showing cues or reminder tools
  • Aiding you to understand assistive technology instruction to maintain independence
  • Practicing strategies and similar support methods that foster continued self-sufficiency
  • Offering reminder systems to complete activities of daily living
  • Cueing and/or providing intermittent assistance with personal care, such as dressing, bathing, grooming, and the likes
  • Assisting with cleaning, meal planning & preparation, and shopping for household and personal needs
  • Aid with budgeting and money management
  • Providing transportation as needed
  • Helping with communicating with physicians, companies, and the likes
  • Identifying changes in your health needs and notify the case manager or informal caregivers as needed
  • Reminding you about exercise and other health maintenance or improvement activities
  • Coordinating or implementing changes in the home to mitigate risks
  • Offer medication assistance
  • Monitoring your health as prescribed by your healthcare team and report changes as instructed
  • Using medical equipment or adaptive technology as prescribed by your healthcare team
  • Helping you get access to activities, services, or resources that facilitate meaningful community participation and integration
  • Helping you develop or maintain a positive support system
  • Providing transportation when it is needed for ICLS community engagement goals

To know more about our ICLS program, please get in touch with us through our hotline or send us a message.