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Home Health Care

American Home Health Care is dedicated to providing quality, personalized home care to the elderly and disabled. We provide services in the five boroughs of New York, as well as Nassau County. Our skilled and dedicated team of professionals and paraprofessionals offer medical, nursing, therapeutic and social support services tailored to the needs of each individual patient.

Personal Care

When needed, our aides assist with the basic needs of patients, including bathing, dressing, grooming and meal preparation. Through such assistance, our aides enhance patients’ dignity and quality of life, while offering much-needed companionship .

Home Health Aides

The ability to remain in their own homes is vital to most elderly people. It helps them retain their dignity and their sense of control in the face of physical limitations, which often strips them of that very sense of dignity and independence. In fact, research shows that levels of happiness and personal satisfaction in the geriatric population are directly correlated to one’s sense of self-autonomy. However, parents are frequently urged by their own children, acting with only the best of intentions, to move out of the comfort of their own home, out of concerns for the parents’ safety, personal care, homemaking and social needs.

Customized Personal Care

Elevate Personal Care will work with you to develop a customized home care plan that meets your loved one’s needs.


Our home health aides take care of patients’ everyday errands and shopping needs. They also handle light housekeeping tasks such as doing laundry, washing dishes, changing linen and general tidying.